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Where Brooklyn at?, Where Brooklyn at? 

Lyrics are from the famous rapping legend, Biggie Smalls. The song was pumping in my headphones as I reflected on my summer living in the same borough the rapper is from.My summer by far as a Brooklyn resident consisted of typical tourists sites such as The Brooklyn Museum, Coney Island, and Prospect Park.The tourist-like sites were great to see however I believe as an on again off again Brooklyn girl my love for this borough is due to raw art, and creative individuals that keep me coming back. Continue reading

Sunglasses Season Is Here! Find The Best Shades For Your Face Shape.

Left:Me Right: Life Style Blogger, Ashley from

Left: LifeStyle Blogger, Ashley from

Memorial day weekend has officially ended, and it feels like spring has fast forward to summer.Putting on sunglasses will not only complete your look this season is crucial.Wearing your sunnies will help deter the tiny wrinkles around your eyes.The reason for the small lines appearing around your eyes is when you spend too much time in the sun.As an additional bonus sunglasses helps the white in your eye, remain the same.If you go outside without eyewear, the sun can cause a burning sensation to the eyes.Within time, they become red and irritated.Before you put on your sunnies, make sure they fit your face properly.

The first thing you will want to do is identify your face shape. Take a look in the mirror to determine your if your face is in a form of heart, an oval, round or square.After you determine your face shape, you may pick out which style fits best for you.

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From New York To Paris, Here Is A Quick Lesson On Reconstruction :A/W 2016


My charcoal jersey maxi dress was brushing the streets of Manhattan. I dusted off the grime when I finally arrived at the Gansevoort in The Meatpacking District. I scoured the long line and looked for my friend (Justine). There she was, and I thanked her right away for inviting me to the Christan Benner fashion show. I explained to her I was excited to see his collection up close and personal since my roommate, Jeffery has been raving about him.(he screamed when he found out I was attending his show.) 

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3 Designers Showcased in the Fashion Show you should’ve attended for NYFW 2016




Reaching into the closet swaying the hangers back and forth, just to find the “stand-out piece” I only wore once. All in the name of NYFW. Some people view fashion week as one of the most shallow weeks of the year. On the contrary, there are many shows dedicated to giving back to a community. For example, I attended  the Rising Stars of NYFW last year which was curated for the Georgie Badiel Foundation. A percentage of the earnings would go towards helping  Africa by providing clean water. This year I was thrilled to attend SFW (Style Fashion Week)  where proceeds went to The City Kids Foundation.

The City Kids Foundation strives on artistic and intellectual development. Being a creative individual myself I believe it is a great cause, having a center built for the purpose of

city kids


preserving the arts. The arts are evidently the first to be cut from the budget, the last to be restored, and often unavailable for low-income students. But why do we need art classes at all?

Cultivation of  the arts improves the overall performance of students, including the fundamental academic subjects (Math, Science, and Literature). For scholars who took four years of art classes scored 91 points higher on their SAT exams, than those who took half a year or less.

In spite the fact that art education has been considered a bonus, uncomplicated creative activities can be some of the most important building blocks of a child’s development. Learning to create and cherish visual aesthetics is essential  in the progression for every child. The arts will create a foundation for the next generation of children as they move on to a higher level of education.

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F/W 2016:The Art of Color & Fusion Showcase

kyu7An emotional connection of color has resonated since the days of elementary school. A teacher wanted you to present your name, possibly what you want to be when you grew up and what your favorite color was. Whether it is a standardized hue of red or an abstract magenta, there is something that attracts you to these shades. For example red is associated with love, desire, and rage. Whereas magenta represents harmony, being optimistic and happiness. Understanding the emotional response is huge for fashion designers in the process of correlating their up and coming collections. Kesi Gibson is no different, she strategizes her collections heavily on color and has a keen knowledge of diversity. She studies language, religion, cuisine, social habits and surroundings in her nomad journey.

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A Manhattanite Should Be Your New Styling Influencer

It’s not the Big Apple, New York or even the acronym, NYC. Us locals call it “the city.” Now here I am in the city, singing along to Big Sean, “I’m way up I feel blessed, way up I feel blessed.” I connect to this song in a way that I’m lucky and fortunate enough to be raised and still live in this melting pot. Unfortunately, I can’t give out free dim sum after reading this article. All jokes aside, being a fashion addict and experiencing living almost each borough, let’s exclude Staten Island is an amazing adventure. I can quickly take a look out of my apartment window and get inspired. Whether it’s the scenery or the person: right now it’s a guy walking efficiently on the cracked sidewalk. He is wearing an oversize leather tote, a pair of black cat-eye frames and wrapped with an infinity scarf.



Left: Kevin Shahroozi Middle: Todd Engish Right: Me

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What does the 19th Amendment mean in the Fashion World?


In the middle is Gemma Sole COO & Cofounder of Nineteenth Amendment

The right of suffrage to women, May 19, 1919, might be the 19th Amendment that trigger in your head and not the shop located on 13 West 38th street.Of course is still a positive amendment. The nineteenth amendment retailer helps distribute the finest accessories and apparel from emerging fashion designers from around the world all in one place.

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A Reflection Of Italy

12314079_1202856306395554_8928375955002551695_nItaly is notorious for high-end value products in the apparel industry. The eye is commonly geared to detail. Just think of the famous fashion houses “Prada, Miu Miu and Armani” just to name a few. In September 2015, Elle Magazine called out:

Italy’s has remained surprisingly unchanged. Part of the problem, says Arthur Arbesser, one of the few young designers garnering international attention right now, is that—unlike in London or New York— Milan has no organization to help foster new talent.”

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Harvey’s Masquerade Soiree

11038563_1186118558069329_1051894065372379229_nOstrich feather fans, Satin long gloves, Back seemed stockings, Sequin pasties, Glitter on stage.What is the first thing that comes to mind when you read all the items ?  OK, I’ll wait for 1…2…3… You most likely guessed Burlesque and if you did that correct.If you haven’t been to a burlesque show, you should take the time and treat yourself to one.(or go on a date, better yet have a girls night out)

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