Artsy Window Remarkable Show About Body & Cultural Identity

Artsy Window Remarkable Show About Body & Cultural Identity

About a month ago I mentioned in an earlier post. A close friend of mine, Paloma Zapata made her mark on the art scene. Overjoy is the best way to describe my feeling when she told me her work got approval to showcase in an art gallery. The name of the show is This Hair, This Skin, This Body by Artsy Window. The theme of the event is reflecting a vow to body confidence while tying into a story about cultural history. The gallery is full with Millennials making their voice known, in a time where we need it most.

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Girl Mob Styling & Profiling Event- A Clothing Swap & Donation

Ever felt like you can’t relate to commercial magazines like Cosmopolitan and Vogue?  While reading articles like “what to wear” and “how to act” my most often thought is GIRL STOP!  After reading dehumanizing articles like that, I look in the mirror with my short stature and natural curls and it reminds me why I gave up on finding any resemblance of myself in those magazines. Thankfully, there is a digital publication called the Girl Mob to save the day.  The Girl Mob is a group of NYC living women of color who embrace their culture and do so much to help others.

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My Current Walk-In Closet Vs. My Fantasy Walk-In Closet Inspired by Arhaus

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A small apartment renter with walk-in-closet dreams view my post to see MY CURRENT WALK-IN CLOSET VS. MY FANTASY WALK-IN CLOSET INSPIRED BY ARHAUS

“A small apartment renter with walk-in-closet dreams”, can explain who I was for a long time until a year ago. I found a listing on my modern Brooklyn apartment.It’s spacious compared to other city apartments, which are usually the size of someone’s kitchen. Space is not the only winning point of this apartment. The other winning point that made my jaw drop was when the broker showed me the closet. A walk-in! ( I screamed out of happiness inside). I signed the lease thirty minutes later, and as a clothes hoarder, I often pinch myself every time I open my closet. Currently in disbelief having this type of luxury in my life.

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Charity Art Fair: A Girls Night Out Find Out How “Joy Sneaks In”


If you’re a balling on a budget New York City resident, then HONEY, we have a lot in common.This past summer I acted like I was a teenager living underneath my mother roof. I was tapping into my savings to stay up with the latest events. I’ll admit I had a case of F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out).Fast forward to winter I found myself staying in more than usual just to save money and make ends meet.

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3 Designers Showcased in the Fashion Show you should’ve attended for NYFW 2016




Reaching into the closet swaying the hangers back and forth, just to find the “stand-out piece” I only wore once. All in the name of NYFW. Some people view fashion week as one of the most shallow weeks of the year. On the contrary, there are many shows dedicated to giving back to a community. For example, I attended  the Rising Stars of NYFW last year which was curated for the Georgie Badiel Foundation. A percentage of the earnings would go towards helping  Africa by providing clean water. This year I was thrilled to attend SFW (Style Fashion Week)  where proceeds went to The City Kids Foundation.

The City Kids Foundation strives on artistic and intellectual development. Being a creative individual myself I believe it is a great cause, having a center built for the purpose of

city kids


preserving the arts. The arts are evidently the first to be cut from the budget, the last to be restored, and often unavailable for low-income students. But why do we need art classes at all?

Cultivation of  the arts improves the overall performance of students, including the fundamental academic subjects (Math, Science, and Literature). For scholars who took four years of art classes scored 91 points higher on their SAT exams, than those who took half a year or less.

In spite the fact that art education has been considered a bonus, uncomplicated creative activities can be some of the most important building blocks of a child’s development. Learning to create and cherish visual aesthetics is essential  in the progression for every child. The arts will create a foundation for the next generation of children as they move on to a higher level of education.

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