Self-Love Acceptance At The Being With Our Bodies Event

In society, we see an “ideal outlook” of what we should look like spread across fashion magazines and in various television shows.  At the end of the day, it is normal for some people to take a long look in the mirror and point out their flaws. Next thing you know, we start zoning in on our flaws. Highlighting our flaws end up having a multitude of negative thoughts about our appearance.  My friend Diana Morgan invited me to the Being With: Our Bodies event at the Willam Vale hotel in Brooklyn, New York. The event allowed people to help find beauty within their internalized body flaws.  To sum up, the workshop wanted attendees to adhere to the concept of self-love completely.

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Try Something New,Eat At The Best Hidden Restaurant in New York

Parlor - 72As my heels tapped around the concrete sidewalks of Manhattan, I finally arrived at Parlor. A caviar painted door stood before me as I checked my google maps to make sure it was the correct address.According to the red-orange pin, I was at the correct place, 286 Spring St, New York, NY 10013.

Immediately a tall man at the front desk greeted me after I pushed the door open.I told him I made a reservation for three and apologized for being late. (I have been fashionably late in my past few outings, I’m working on that!). The tall man told me a gentleman named Marcus will be with me shortly to show me to my seat. In the meantime, I sat in the lobby area where black and white photography and digital flames dancing inside a glass serenaded me.

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20 Gifts To Buy A Fashion Blogger Under $50.00


IMG_4917-7Desirably seems like the perfect word for the life of a full-time fashion blogger. Let’s face it who wouldn’t want a walk in closet fill with designer duds mixed with vintage gems.Envision on top of the marble coffee table, a passport.The pages are smudges of ink residue of a huge stamp collection of all the inspiring places went on travels.Of course, the life of an aspiring fashion blogger is entirely different. So to help them get there why not provide the Fashionista with useful gifts for the holidays♥

OK let’s admit your shopping for yourself.Does whats wrong with that? Absolutely nothing treating yourself is always good in my book!

1.I know FW15 is embracing the 70’s era but who needs a mood ring when a fashion blogger could own a mug that describes her feeling 24/7.

blog mug xc07739c7bc8ee13322dac25628ef695a38ffbb7e84c8417cc12e8e96d7cfabd0il_214x170.876800277_j3v1

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How to dress for Fall/Winter 2016

70modern Are you ready for the new year?

Get off your laptop, iPhones, and tablets and take a look in your closets. Does your wardrobe scream the act of accepting? Did I lose you yet…well let me catch you up to speed. What you will see in retailer’s worldwide will be similar to thrift store finds.

The New Year will continue accepting different cultures, sexuality, politics, and religion. Society will keep searching for ways to better the environment. The world will focus on green movement hello have you see how late summer started.Global warming has a huge effect on the fashion forecast of Fall/Winter 2016, analyzing the overall theme of the season as Modern 70’s. Continue reading