My Current Walk-In Closet Vs. My Fantasy Walk-In Closet Inspired by Arhaus

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A small apartment renter with walk-in-closet dreams view my post to see MY CURRENT WALK-IN CLOSET VS. MY FANTASY WALK-IN CLOSET INSPIRED BY ARHAUS

“A small apartment renter with walk-in-closet dreams”, can explain who I was for a long time until a year ago. I found a listing on my modern Brooklyn apartment.It’s spacious compared to other city apartments, which are usually the size of someone’s kitchen. Space is not the only winning point of this apartment. The other winning point that made my jaw drop was when the broker showed me the closet. A walk-in! ( I screamed out of happiness inside). I signed the lease thirty minutes later, and as a clothes hoarder, I often pinch myself every time I open my closet. Currently in disbelief having this type of luxury in my life.

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Detox Your Wardrobe With 16 Helpful Tips: Including A His & Hers Spring Clean-Out!

OMG Shoes.jpgHere we are again, naked trees are gradually blossoming. The sun will come out of the winter hibernation and look over us. My roommate, Jeff and I are currently looking out the window wistfully thinking “spring weather” can happen now. Instead of being gloomy, we decided to be productive and have an SPRING-CLEANOUT. Get ready for a lot of useful tips …

Take a deep breath… roll up your sleeves and before you start digging through the piles of clothes imagine the fashion police in your closet. They stop you and asked you the following:

Bag Display

  • Does the studded leather jacket REALLY fit?
  • Have you worn this  within the last year (be honest)?
  • Be true to yourself will that one-time flashy birthday outfit ever  be worn again?
  • Does the all-over printed sweater truly represent your style?
  • Are you going to legitimately fix the broken zipper on your leather purse, repair the missing button or keep the garment to help you collect the dust in your closet?
  • Will the dirt ever really come off that bright white collared blouse?
  • Is this item of clothing a positive mood booster ?

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