Mina D. Jewelry: As Featured In Lori Snyder’s Upcoming Fashion Must-Read La La Mode Rue

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An upcoming fashion must read will hit the bookstores soon!  LaLa Mode Rue by Lori Snyder will highlight designers, makeup artists, hair stylists and a few select stores. The focus of the book is to bring attention to both upcoming and established entrepreneurs in the field of fashion and beauty. I was so excited to meet superstar jewelry designer Mina Deutsch.  Read on to find out a bit more about this fabulous woman!

A Manhattanite Should Be Your New Styling Influencer

It’s not the Big Apple, New York or even the acronym, NYC. Us locals call it “the city.” Now here I am in the city, singing along to Big Sean, “I’m way up I feel blessed, way up I feel blessed.” I connect to this song in a way that I’m lucky and fortunate enough to be raised and still live in this melting pot. Unfortunately, I can’t give out free dim sum after reading this article. All jokes aside, being a fashion addict and experiencing living almost each borough, let’s exclude Staten Island is an amazing adventure. I can quickly take a look out of my apartment window and get inspired. Whether it’s the scenery or the person: right now it’s a guy walking efficiently on the cracked sidewalk. He is wearing an oversize leather tote, a pair of black cat-eye frames and wrapped with an infinity scarf.



Left: Kevin Shahroozi Middle: Todd Engish Right: Me

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New Job Survival Kit:Prepare For The Fashion Industry

12191454_1182818631732655_4938981022518544572_nEver wish your job were customized for you? Just think about it…every time you needed something to do the job successfully, poof it will be right there in front of your eyes. Unfortunately, magic is not real. A little part of my heart still wish it is. I did get to experience the same excitement you get when a magician is pulling a scarf out of his top hat a couple days ago. Why you may ask, it was my last day as a temp for Full Beauty Brands.

fullbeautyThe company has been around for over 100 years. With that said it is one the most trusted company for plus-size women who love affordable fashion. The style is made for a more mature crowd and it’s great for work and day-to-day wear. The experience was different for me since it was the first time I worked with a company that sold solely through catalogs and e-commerce. It was a rollercoaster of 8 months, but I was more taken away with the present I received (this is where the magic comes in) a “New Job Survival Kit”. If you have a friend a relative or a coworker starting a new job in the fashion industry make a D.I.Y. basket is a very thoughtful and gift and they will surely appreciate it. Or if you’re starting a new position yourself don’t worry about wrapping the gift you lucked out. Check out the list below for your new job or dream job:

  1. Any Occupation (Meaning you don’t even have to work in the fashion industry)
  2. Designer
  3. Editor
  4. Stylist
  5. Model
  6. Beauty Expert
  7. Photographer

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