Green Tree Jewelry: Secure These Beautiful Earrings For Your Summer Wardrobe

What I like about dressing up for the summer is breaking out of my neutral-toned wardrobe. During the colder season, I tend to stray away from anything colorful,  jewelry included. If I do wear anything in a brighter hue, I feel as I’m forcing myself to dress differently. While during the summer I gravitate towards the season picturesque setting, and it reflects in my day-to-day wear. My favorite colorful item to help match the summer vibes is earrings. I carefully chose three beautiful earrings you need to secure for your summer wardrobe. Continue reading

The Uptown Designer You Need To Know

1918821_1217542081593643_8106260018615335288_nTrying to give  Hugo Boss and Dolce Gabbana a run for their money.Which designer am I talking about?…drum roll, please! His name Kevin Shahroozi and it will soon ring bells.His creations are best to describe as lux casual apparel for men. He also has a small capsule for women.His construction is tailor near perfection. Using the finest materials such as lambskin, Japanese denim, and cashmere the list can go on.Refusing to work with lower quality materials, reigns on his unseeded vision of a young professional much like himself playing hard and working harder.

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