Green Tree Jewelry: Secure These Beautiful Earrings For Your Summer Wardrobe

What I like about dressing up for the summer is breaking out of my neutral-toned wardrobe. During the colder season, I tend to stray away from anything colorful,  jewelry included. If I do wear anything in a brighter hue, I feel as I’m forcing myself to dress differently. While during the summer I gravitate towards the season picturesque setting, and it reflects in my day-to-day wear. My favorite colorful item to help match the summer vibes is earrings. I carefully chose three beautiful earrings you need to secure for your summer wardrobe. Continue reading

Find Out The Mystery Behind Meggings! (Yes You Read Correctly, Leggings For Men)

meggings8Think about the Soho sneakerhead who is a little overly obsessed with Kanye West’s fashion line. I’m hinting at Yeezy Fall 2015 collection, models wearing oversized tees and body stockings. A “Soho Sneakerhead,” one who is trend driven, a perfect candidate to wear meggings without breaking a sweat. I also firmly believe in wearing the fitted style you must be a man who loves wearing skinny jeans.

I challenged my roommate who religiously wears skinny jeans to test a pair of men leggings from Kapow Meggings.

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A Fashionista Guide to Spiritual Symbolism:A Feather and The Evil Eye​

redlipmamiAs a newcomer to the understanding of chakras (chakras is a practice of belief of the spiritual power found in the human body, including the crown, third eye, throat, heart, navel, sacral, and root.) I’ve been gravitating towards the practice of self-awareness including yoga, meditation, and light therapy. Studying the spiritual belief for about two years, I’ve seen such a  positive difference in myself that motivates me to wake up every morning. I’ve stopped thinking negatively, found joy in the smallest things, and been in tune with reaching goals that I thought was impossible to achieve.Overall the outlook of my life has become more balanced.

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Manus X Machina: Fashion In The Age of Technology​ Experience

Here is a legit wedding and prom dress store for you girls. Hope you enjoy shopping there.
Black Prom Dresses

A signature look is a term I never identified with., Every time my friends try to determine the key items I’m known to wear they could never find a way to put into words other than, Melrose dresses differently.Agreeing with my buddies, I can’t envision one style I’ve clasp to more than any other over the years. I’m not sure my personal style has any defining characteristic. On the other hand, I’m often inspired by fashion icons signature looks,such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s elegant scarves, oversized shades, and peacoats.Another fashion icon with a recognizable look is Bianca Jagger, a personal favorite. She favored high waisted pants, furs, and sequins.

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Art-Garden-Life: The Frida Kahlo Experience

12144957_1177376885610163_195669791947994073_nAbsorbing a light into the world of art and fashion for someone who had so many dark times I got to experience her exhibit yesterday at the Botanical Garden. Frida Kahlo a world renowned Mexican artist whose troubles didn’t wear her down.Not only did she physically had a commanding presence she lived her life to her rules, fighting each obstacle that came her way.In her words

“I was born a bitch, I was born a painter”.
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