Green Tree Jewelry: Secure These Beautiful Earrings For Your Summer Wardrobe

What I like about dressing up for the summer is breaking out of my neutral-toned wardrobe. During the colder season, I tend to stray away from anything colorful,  jewelry included. If I do wear anything in a brighter hue, I feel as I’m forcing myself to dress differently. While during the summer I gravitate towards the season picturesque setting, and it reflects in my day-to-day wear. My favorite colorful item to help match the summer vibes is earrings. I carefully chose three beautiful earrings you need to secure for your summer wardrobe. Continue reading

Art-Garden-Life: The Frida Kahlo Experience

12144957_1177376885610163_195669791947994073_nAbsorbing a light into the world of art and fashion for someone who had so many dark times I got to experience her exhibit yesterday at the Botanical Garden. Frida Kahlo a world renowned Mexican artist whose troubles didn’t wear her down.Not only did she physically had a commanding presence she lived her life to her rules, fighting each obstacle that came her way.In her words

“I was born a bitch, I was born a painter”.
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