Coconut Oil Trend: I Tried It With L’Oreal Ever Curl Products Here What Happen…

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I struggled with my hair ever since I was a toddler. I’ve researched different trends to help efficiently manage my hair wigs. Coconut oil kept popping up in the Google search feed.As I decided to try the Coconut oil trend, something magical happened a couple of weeks ago. I received a survey about my hair from Influenster. It felt as Influenster was reading my mind and knew about my hair struggles. Answering the survey honestly, I wrote out the issues I had with my hair.  A few weeks later I received a complimentary box filled with L’oreal Ever Curl products.

  •  Hydra Charge Shampoo  
  • Hydra Charge Conditioner 
  • Sculpt and Firm Cream-Gel

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How To Acheive An Urban 80’s Bombshell Look With A Vintage Leather Jacket


Do you have a hidden treasure in your wardrobe? That special something you’ve been dying to wear. What happens every time you try to wear that “special something”? Do you get frustrated because you can’t think of what could go with it? That my dear is a fashion block; the condition of being unable to think of what to wear or proceed with styling. The same situation happens to me every time I tried on an original 80’s leather jacket handed down from my mother. Then one day I decided to go for it and not over think my outfit. Viola! It worked my fashion block came to end by sticking to the totally radical 80’s decade. Hopefully, I didn’t disappoint you, and this is not a styling tribute to the Flash Dance movie. (maybe next time)

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