The New Amazing Sunscreen You Need When Brunching With The Squad

Summer is only a month away, and a skincare essential is a sunscreen. With so many sunscreens out in the market, it can be confusing to choose. Luckily, the trusted brand Hawaiian Tropic ® has come out with a new fantastic sunscreen, so your search is over. The Silk Hydration® Weightless Face Sunscreen will help your skin stay content when you are doing your favorite summer activity, brunching with the squad.

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Exuviance Triple Microdermabrasion: Get A Stunning Spring Glow Now!

The lovely cherry blossom trees are in full bloom.  A warm sun is rising from the dark shadows. This means within the last month Mother Nature finally announced the wondrous arrival of spring. However, it is not too late to get your spring glow. Before you try to imitate the dewy texture to your skin with highlighters and bronzers, you have to start with treating your skin first. Pure radiance will make a visible appearance in no time with Exuviance Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish.

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Probiotic Is The Latest Trend For Skin Renewal : Columbia Skin Care

When I first heard the word probiotics, it was in one of the first ” Danon Activia Yogurt” commercials. The ad featured actress/ comedian Jamie Lee Curtis. During the commercial, I remember listening to the high number of people dealing with digestive issues.  When I heard 87% people is the statistics of individuals dealing with the digestive issues; my eyes grew wide at the television screen. Wondering how can a yogurt in a small hunter green container, cure your digestive system with simply having probiotics added.   I did what any teenager at the time will do, I googled, ” What is the definition of probiotic ?”

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Boho Fashion Forward Looks With Tips On Which Winter Boots To Wear!

Boho Fashion Forward Looks With Tips On Which Winter Boots To Wear!

Being bohemian is more than just a look, is a way of life. Although I don’t dress in the typically patterned maxi dresses, wearing a flower crown on a daily basis, I do believe in the lifestyle.A bohemian is known to indulge most of their time expressing themselves in an artistic way. An artistic way can be painting, writing or music, creating is the forte. Another belief to this lifestyle is living like a nomad.  If you’re a traveling nomad like the song Gyspy Woman sung by Crystal Waters or living in the moment, it ends with the same result.You try to live a life without stress, and you take it day by day.

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Coconut Oil Trend: I Tried It With L’Oreal Ever Curl Products Here What Happen…

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I struggled with my hair ever since I was a toddler. I’ve researched different trends to help efficiently manage my hair. Coconut oil kept popping up in the Google search feed.As I decided to try the Coconut oil trend, something magical happened a couple of weeks ago. I received a survey about my hair from Influenster. It felt as Influenster was reading my mind and knew about my hair struggles. Answering the survey honestly, I wrote out the issues I had with my hair.  A few weeks later I received a complimentary box filled with L’oreal Ever Curl products.

  •  Hydra Charge Shampoo  
  • Hydra Charge Conditioner 
  • Sculpt and Firm Cream-Gel

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What Should Be The Finishing Touch To Every Woman Outfit? The Answer Is Ssh-oes!


Are you the woman at work making a click-clack sound as you stroll through the office hallways? I know I’m not the only one exhausted of coworkers acknowledging my presence before I enter a room. Luckily I met someone who changed the noise volume my heels made as I walk. I met Mary Arnett a few weeks ago at a GirlBossNYC event.(GirlBossNYC is a social network of empowered and inspired NYC women supporting community, careers, and each other). Being the fashion addict I am, I notice a high-quality leather shoe from across the room. I approached Mary and urged her to spill her shopping secret. I needed to know which retailer she purchased the coal-black fringed booties she was rocking. Astonishingly Mary designed the booties. Strongly feeling like a cartoon character with googly eyes, Mary quickly took notice of my attraction towards her shoes and explained the story of her design.

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The One Fashion Trend Pretty Little Liars Can Agree On Is…

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Black Prom Dresses

“AHHHHHH,”   pinmeI’ve always been a fan of a  splendid scream in a scary film. My mother told me my love for suspense trials all the way back to my toddler years.I will laugh at a scene, and other little girls will scream, bite their nails or squirm in their seat. Not to fret I did watch the thrillers by accident, my mother didn’t purposely put on a horror movie to watch me laugh at it.Not only was I giggling at scenes that will make children look under the bed for an imaginary monster, but I will also do other odd things.For example, instead of going to school dressed like everyone else I will cry at the top of my lungs because I couldn’t go to kindergarten, dress the way I was. My magenta Barney’s slippers, stone wash denim overalls and my half stripe, half polka dot long tee was drench in tears by the time I switch my outfit for my school uniform. I still don’t remember why I was crying as if it was the end of the world but heck I believe is fine to be weird, as us fashionistas will say normal is boring.

With a soft spot for mysteries and my obsession with fashion,the television series Pretty Little Liars is my ultimate guilty pleasure.One of the cast members of the show recently announced season 7 would be the last of the television series.With that said,  Netflix became my best friend the past few weeks and I caught up on season 6. I wanted to be prepared for what seems to be the end of my guilty pleasure.(I’m currently writing with silent tears!)

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