My Current Walk-In Closet Vs. My Fantasy Walk-In Closet Inspired by Arhaus

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A small apartment renter with walk-in-closet dreams view my post to see MY CURRENT WALK-IN CLOSET VS. MY FANTASY WALK-IN CLOSET INSPIRED BY ARHAUS

“A small apartment renter with walk-in-closet dreams”, can explain who I was for a long time until a year ago. I found a listing on my modern Brooklyn apartment.It’s spacious compared to other city apartments, which are usually the size of someone’s kitchen. Space is not the only winning point of this apartment. The other winning point that made my jaw drop was when the broker showed me the closet. A walk-in! ( I screamed out of happiness inside). I signed the lease thirty minutes later, and as a clothes hoarder, I often pinch myself every time I open my closet. Currently in disbelief having this type of luxury in my life.

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How to dress for Fall/Winter 2016

70modern Are you ready for the new year?

Get off your laptop, iPhones, and tablets and take a look in your closets. Does your wardrobe scream the act of accepting? Did I lose you yet…well let me catch you up to speed. What you will see in retailer’s worldwide will be similar to thrift store finds.

The New Year will continue accepting different cultures, sexuality, politics, and religion. Society will keep searching for ways to better the environment. The world will focus on green movement hello have you see how late summer started.Global warming has a huge effect on the fashion forecast of Fall/Winter 2016, analyzing the overall theme of the season as Modern 70’s. Continue reading