She Loves The Way It Tastes, That’s Her Recipe: LEMONADE

Life is a mix of cloudy moments, we as women try to grain them like sugar and we create Lemonade!

IMG_4353We don’t give ourselves enough credit; we work ourselves to the core. I believe all women can agree, giving ourselves a break always seems unrealistic. So when I decided to be finally a lazy bum for a day, it was hard to make good on an idea of having an unproductive day.There I was trying to commit, cuddled with my comforter catching up on episodes of EMPIRE. ( Sadly that’s how far behind I am on any tv show.) In between episodes, I found myself checking on 756 emails, solely not to miss out on a business opportunity. I have a problem with a running mind; it never stops thinking about work. I had to say out loud to STOP. I even took a step further into committing to the lazy day by canceling on a scheduled yoga session. I continued to stay true to letting myself unwind for once and tune into the visual album “LEMONADE” by Beyonce.

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