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Black Prom Dresses

A signature look is a term I never identified with., Every time my friends try to determine the key items I’m known to wear they could never find a way to put into words other than, Melrose dresses differently.Agreeing with my buddies, I can’t envision one style I’ve clasp to more than any other over the years. I’m not sure my personal style has any defining characteristic. On the other hand, I’m often inspired by fashion icons signature looks,such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s elegant scarves, oversized shades, and peacoats.Another fashion icon with a recognizable look is Bianca Jagger, a personal favorite. She favored high waisted pants, furs, and sequins.

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From New York To Paris, Here Is A Quick Lesson On Reconstruction :A/W 2016


My charcoal jersey maxi dress was brushing the streets of Manhattan. I dusted off the grime when I finally arrived at the Gansevoort in The Meatpacking District. I scoured the long line and looked for my friend (Justine). There she was, and I thanked her right away for inviting me to the Christan Benner fashion show. I explained to her I was excited to see his collection up close and personal since my roommate, Jeffery has been raving about him.(he screamed when he found out I was attending his show.) 

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A Reflection Of Italy

12314079_1202856306395554_8928375955002551695_nItaly is notorious for high-end value products in the apparel industry. The eye is commonly geared to detail. Just think of the famous fashion houses “Prada, Miu Miu and Armani” just to name a few. In September 2015, Elle Magazine called out:

Italy’s has remained surprisingly unchanged. Part of the problem, says Arthur Arbesser, one of the few young designers garnering international attention right now, is that—unlike in London or New York— Milan has no organization to help foster new talent.”

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