What Should Be The Finishing Touch To Every Woman Outfit? The Answer Is Ssh-oes!


Are you the woman at work making a click-clack sound as you stroll through the office hallways? I know I’m not the only one exhausted of coworkers acknowledging my presence before I enter a room. Luckily I met someone who changed the noise volume my heels made as I walk. I met Mary Arnett a few weeks ago at a GirlBossNYC event.(GirlBossNYC is a social network of empowered and inspired NYC women supporting community, careers, and each other). Being the fashion addict I am, I notice a high-quality leather shoe from across the room. I approached Mary and urged her to spill her shopping secret. I needed to know which retailer she purchased the coal-black fringed booties she was rocking. Astonishingly Mary designed the booties. Strongly feeling like a cartoon character with googly eyes, Mary quickly took notice of my attraction towards her shoes and explained the story of her design.

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