Brujeria Uprising Amongst Feminist Millennials: Rediscovering Latinx Roots

Brujeria, which in English means witchcraft, was taught to me in high school with a book. The teacher assigned “The Crucible” written by Arthur Miller in high school. The purpose of the book is to educate the class about the horrific history of The Salem Witch Trials and the beginnings of structured religion. The tone of the book described an era of fear among the witches, painting a dark and dreary image.  Now fast forward to the present, my fellow Latinx millennials and I are digging through family history. While digging through family history we are figuring out aspects of witchcraft that is left out of the book. For many people of color, there is a positive impact in the practice of Brujeria while rediscovering our roots. Continue reading

Best Kept Secret: 2 Designers Made In NYC

tumblr_inline_nspkpkKmlk1r391o8_540The concept of beauty is naturally something we want to evoke.

Jason Santiago represents its theory, a Bronx born fashion designer whom specializes in custom tailoring.
tumblr_inline_nspjze6MWB1r391o8_540 He got his start on MTV. The MTV show was Sean John design competition. He embarked a successful journey working with well-known major clients. I will only mention a few stars he worked with in a humble manner.The celebrities include Lauryn Hill, Alica Keys and Migos.

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