The One Fashion Trend Pretty Little Liars Can Agree On Is…

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“AHHHHHH,”   pinmeI’ve always been a fan of a  splendid scream in a scary film. My mother told me my love for suspense trials all the way back to my toddler years.I will laugh at a scene, and other little girls will scream, bite their nails or squirm in their seat. Not to fret I did watch the thrillers by accident, my mother didn’t purposely put on a horror movie to watch me laugh at it.Not only was I giggling at scenes that will make children look under the bed for an imaginary monster, but I will also do other odd things.For example, instead of going to school dressed like everyone else I will cry at the top of my lungs because I couldn’t go to kindergarten, dress the way I was. My magenta Barney’s slippers, stone wash denim overalls and my half stripe, half polka dot long tee was drench in tears by the time I switch my outfit for my school uniform. I still don’t remember why I was crying as if it was the end of the world but heck I believe is fine to be weird, as us fashionistas will say normal is boring.

With a soft spot for mysteries and my obsession with fashion,the television series Pretty Little Liars is my ultimate guilty pleasure.One of the cast members of the show recently announced season 7 would be the last of the television series.With that said,  Netflix became my best friend the past few weeks and I caught up on season 6. I wanted to be prepared for what seems to be the end of my guilty pleasure.(I’m currently writing with silent tears!)

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