Brujeria Uprising Amongst Feminist Millennials: Rediscovering Latinx Roots

Brujeria, which in English means witchcraft, was taught to me in high school with a book. The teacher assigned “The Crucible” written by Arthur Miller in high school. The purpose of the book is to educate the class about the horrific history of The Salem Witch Trials and the beginnings of structured religion. The tone of the book described an era of fear among the witches, painting a dark and dreary image.  Now fast forward to the present, my fellow Latinx millennials and I are digging through family history. While digging through family history we are figuring out aspects of witchcraft that is left out of the book. For many people of color, there is a positive impact in the practice of Brujeria while rediscovering our roots. Continue reading

A Millenial Guide On What To Wear To The Afropunk Festival

     afropunk3As a third-time Brooklyn resident, there are many reasons for always coming back to live in the borough.I get drawn to the inspirational surroundings and influential events that arise in the community. One of the events I feel is the most influential to the Brooklyn culture is the Afropunk Festival.Due to the positive effect on the young progressive community, it expanded to Paris and Atlanta last year.

Don’t Be Fooled By Your Fashion Sites, Short Girls Can Wear the Midi Trend


Circling the fashion charts, the MIDI is making another comeback soon. The midi has found it’s way to last throughout the decades, falling somewhere between the “it girl” trendy piece and the working women staple.And throughout the decades, short girls have avoided the silhouette due to various fashion sites like the iconic Who What Wear.The fashion site has a whole post dedicating many trends small girls should avoid.I read each one, after rolling my eyes and sucking my teeth by these ridiculous claims.I dedicated to a trend that will emerge in 2017.Consider yourself ready for the midi trend.


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