Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy SS17: Style Fashion Week

eddie1You don’t think of wearing sweatshirts and hoodies in the spring/ summer season. However, The collection Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy will make you reconsider.His designs resemble a mix of the then and now hip hop culture while reviving every true fashionista love for vintage gems.

I initially was drawn to the Eddie Eddie brand in 2013.One day I was scouring through magazines pages, being a typical fashion blogger and paused when I saw a spread devoted to the Harlem-born rapper, A$AP Rocky.Not only did I like A$AP Rocky because I enjoy listening to his music, but (were also born in the same borough and) I respect the influence he has in the fashion world. As I flip through A$AP Rocky’s spread, I fell in love with a dope sweater design by Sean Kinny.(Sean Kinny is the designer of Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy.) The sky blue sweater seemed like someone doodled a dollar sign in the center.The dollar sign aligned with various woven diamond patterns.This is one example of the designer many creations.

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Top 4 SS17 Trends To Watch:New York Style Fashion Week


The beauty of fashion week is no matter what season you’re in it gives you a head start to the next one.As I attended SS17 Style fashion week, I prepared myself for insane traffic and  made sure my makeup was set for each show. I made my way into the excited crowd at the Hammerstein ballroom and silently gasp when I saw Amanda Lepore.

Although I felt starstruck, I zeroed in on the designs and picked the top four trends you should watch out for in SS17.

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Essence Magazine Street Style Block Party 2016


Admiring the Dumbo archway underneath the breathtaking Manhatten Bridge is where I took a breather from the always insane NYFW. As much as I love the chaotic schedules of  NYFW, the shows are mainly curated from the contemporary scene.Summarizing the modern style is looking out on the runway for the latest silhouette. The modern style often has a mix of layering neutrals, sometimes hinted with a pop of color, print or embroidery.It seems I might be bored with the contemporary scene, I’m not, I just believe the style is predictable.As I took my breather from watching modern styles glide throughout the runway; It was refreshing to walk amongst Brooklyn locals for the Essence Magazine Street Style Block Party 2016. Continue reading


Switch Your Eye Wear To Match Your #OOTD With Warby Parker


  Glasses can have an enormous impact on your overall look.I kept this in mind when I decided to purchase a pair of frames last year. I thought to myself, which style of glasses will go with everything I wear. I went with a pair of typical black plastic frames.The more I wore my glasses, the more I felt stuck and ordinary, so I decided to buy contacts to help freshen up my look. I love my contacts, but everyone who wears contacts knows you must give your eyes a rest.The stuck and ordinary feeling came back when I had to wear my typical black frames again..Purchasing my dark glasses felt similar to giving the eye center my arm and a leg.(it cost me $800.00)Then one day my friend came to me like an angel of fashion eyewear heaven.In one week I saw her sporting about five different eyewear looks, and I thought to myself how she could afford to have a range of frames?

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A Millenial Guide On What To Wear To The Afropunk Festival

     afropunk3As a third-time Brooklyn resident, there are many reasons for always coming back to live in the borough.I get drawn to the inspirational surroundings and influential events that arise in the community. One of the events I feel is the most influential to the Brooklyn culture is the Afropunk Festival.Due to the positive effect on the young progressive community, it expanded to Paris and Atlanta last year.
catchsnatch 12

4 Easy To Wear Styles To Match Your Weekend Vibes From Snatched Boutique

catchsnatch 27

Who else feels as if they’re about to cry because summer is coming to an end? If you feel the same way throw two fingers in the air and say peace out to the long work week, and wave hello to the weekend vibes. To help enjoy the last few weeks of summer, I teamed up with Alice Mae Thomas of Snatched Boutique. We curated a style session to help guide you on what to wear.

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A Fashionista Guide to Spiritual Symbolism:A Feather and The Evil Eye​

redlipmamiAs a newcomer to the understanding of chakras (chakras is a practice of belief of the spiritual power found in the human body, including the crown, third eye, throat, heart, navel, sacral, and root.) I’ve been gravitating towards the practice of self-awareness including yoga, meditation, and light therapy. Studying the spiritual belief for about two years, I’ve seen such a  positive difference in myself that motivates me to wake up every morning. I’ve stopped thinking negatively, found joy in the smallest things, and been in tune with reaching goals that I thought was impossible to achieve.Overall the outlook of my life has become more balanced.

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Manus X Machina: Fashion In The Age of Technology​ Experience

A signature look is a term I never identified with., Every time my friends try to determine the key items I’m known to wear they could never find a way to put into words other than, Melrose dresses differently.Agreeing with my buddies, I can’t envision one style I’ve clasp to more than any other over the years. I’m not sure my personal style has any defining characteristic. On the other hand, I’m often inspired by fashion icons signature looks,such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s elegant scarves, oversized shades, and peacoats.Another fashion icon with a recognizable look is Bianca Jagger, a personal favorite. She favored high waisted pants, furs, and sequins.

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