Jan Marini Perfect Skincare Care Duo : The Zyme Collection

Jan Marini

Hey, it’s your typical New York City living girl. Here I am working multiple jobs,, barely catching “ZzZ’s”, after all, is the city that never sleeps. To add “icing to the cake” I recently realized my lease is up by the next month. Therefore, my skin switch is on to full out stress mode. Before I start screaming and kicking, I told myself to relax, by having an at-home spa day using Jan Marini Zyme Collection.

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Christmas Outfit From Dress Lilly Wish List Will Put You In the Spirit

Christmas Carols are beaming through retailers speakers. Baked goods are piling on my desk more than ever.I log in to my outlook at work, and  I get a  calendar alert  “Holiday Party”! Oh damn! I thought to myself. Between shopping for gifts and working two jobs, I admit I forgot about the holiday party. With Cyber Monday officially done., I wonder where I can get good deals this time around in the year? Checking along google sites, I stumble upon Dress Lily, and a few minutes later I  started a Christmas outfit wish list.

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Bohemian Style At The Fun-loving Bushwick Open Studio’s Art Trucks

Do you know what is as good as a taco truck at three o’clock in the morning? An art truck, yes you read it right an art truck. I visited my first art on the road during the last few days of summer. It sure was an experience I will never forget. To make the best of attending Bushwick Open Studio’s Art Trucks, I gather three bohemian style outfits I got from Zaful. Selectively choosing which outfit looks best in front of the various artwork.

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Bobby Pin Super-Easy Style With HaskHair’s Biotin Boost

In my previous post, you guys saw I had an outstanding opportunity of attending The Knot Bridal Fashion Week for the first time. Before attending the event, I know there will be lots of walking. With the hours of walking around, many suggested dressing comfortably. In honoring Bridal Fashion Week, I  still wanted to wear formally. Going with the formal dress code wanted to try something different with my hair, but nothing to complicated. As I ruffled my hand’s through my tresses a lightbulb went off in my head. Finally, I can try the bobby pin trend I’ve seen in magazines everywhere. I decided to try this hairstyle with HaskHair’s latest beauty product, biotin boost. Continue reading

Bridal Fashion Week: The Knot Stunning Couture Show

I remember being a flower girl at the tender age of four in a custom-made salmon pink satin dress. My mother was standing by my side signaling me with her well-manicured hand to walk. Looking at all the grown-ups, smiling at me following up with multiple “aww.”  I took a deep sigh and placed my right foot in front of my left foot. As I continue to walk, I grabbed a fistful of rose petals and started to throw amongst the aisles. Ever since that very moment, I watch Bridal Fashion Week shows, either on television or online.

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Think Pink! W/ The Amazing: Introducing Jinx, Esqido & Social Native

Think Pink! W/ The Amazing: Introducing Jinx, Esquido & Social NativeGrowing up I only associated the color pink with frilly dresses, Barbie dolls, and cotton candy. When I enter high school, it had a different meaning for me.  One of the first girls I befriended mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a friend, I didn’t know how to respond. I didn’t comprehend. Nor did I want to emotionally but I knew I had to be there for her. Along with my friend side, we educated ourselves on what breast cancer is, what causes it and my new found relevance to the color pink. From that day on I’ve met amazing women of different paths of life who have beaten breast cancer. I look up to every one of them. On behalf of their strength and high spirits, the month of October is dedicated to THINK PINK!

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