What To Wear To A Bottomless Mimosas Brunch Checklist

IMG_4670Rolling out of bed after working your ass off the whole week, a Bottomless Mimosas is one of the best ways to reward yourself.

I got the pleasure of rewarding myself last Sunday and let me tell you there is nothing like wining down with a brunch buffet  ( including dipping rice krispy treats in a chocolate fountain). Sharing laughs amongst friends was the ultimate remedy. All thanks to  my yearly LIM College alumni, “Brunch and Bubbly” event at the Hornblower Infinity Cruise. The cruise included the buffet, bottomless mimosas, a stunning Manhattan scenery and great classical music it was indeed the perfect day off.

For this occasion since you have the help of liquid courage,  you’ve got to make sure you’re in it for the long haul. Once you start you never know where the day may take you. The key is to dress comfortable, not super casual.

Before I went to the event,  I took a long look at my mirror and checked off my “What To Wear To A Bottomless Mimosas Brunch” checklist.

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Don’t Be Fooled By Your Fashion Sites, Short Girls Can Wear the Midi Trend


Circling the fashion charts, the MIDI is making another comeback soon. The midi has found it’s way to last throughout the decades, falling somewhere between the “it girl” trendy piece and the working women staple.And throughout the decades, short girls have avoided the silhouette due to various fashion sites like the iconic Who What Wear.The fashion site has a whole post dedicating many trends small girls should avoid.I read each one, after rolling my eyes and sucking my teeth by these ridiculous claims.I dedicated to a trend that will emerge in 2017.Consider yourself ready for the midi trend.


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As Told By My Fashionable Fairy Godmother…

  You know what is doubling more than ever? MOMMY BLOGGERS! In honor of Mother’s day which lands on Sunday (this is a friendly reminder), I interviewed the most dressed to kill mom blogger Glendaly, creator of  LA MAMA HADA  which means the mom fairy in Spanish.Along with Glendaly, there are about 4.2 million mothers (as stated by e-marketer) discussing the best doll for their mini-me all the way to charming ballerina flats you won’t trip over while you handle your mommy duties.Don’t expect the typical blog posts: 10 quick meals to make your kiddies or how to make a cheesy D.I.Y picture frame.This dashing mama focuses on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle for the moms who need a quick read or the fashion enthusiasts that just gets it.

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She Loves The Way It Tastes, That’s Her Recipe: LEMONADE

Life is a mix of cloudy moments, we as women try to grain them like sugar and we create Lemonade!

IMG_4353We don’t give ourselves enough credit; we work ourselves to the core. I believe all women can agree, giving ourselves a break always seems unrealistic. So when I decided to be finally a lazy bum for a day, it was hard to make good on an idea of having an unproductive day.There I was trying to commit, cuddled with my comforter catching up on episodes of EMPIRE. ( Sadly that’s how far behind I am on any tv show.) In between episodes, I found myself checking on 756 emails, solely not to miss out on a business opportunity. I have a problem with a running mind; it never stops thinking about work. I had to say out loud to STOP. I even took a step further into committing to the lazy day by canceling on a scheduled yoga session. I continued to stay true to letting myself unwind for once and tune into the visual album “LEMONADE” by Beyonce.

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3 Simple Ways to Look Chic At The Gym With 12 Must-Buy Items Under $40.00

IMG_4290 Drake’s new song, “One Dance” is pumping in your headphones, your water bottle filled to the top, you’re all set to hop on the treadmill. One minute into your cardio workout, you happen to glance over  your shoulder to realize the person next to you is fully covered in a garbage bag. Trash bags might work wonders, however, it shouldn’t be an excuse to let go of your stylish self for just an hour or two at the gym. Seriously working out is painful enough, you don’t have to look it. Just follow these 3 simple ways to look chic at the gym!

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Detox Your Wardrobe With 16 Helpful Tips: Including A His & Hers Spring Clean-Out!

OMG Shoes.jpgHere we are again, naked trees are gradually blossoming. The sun will come out of the winter hibernation and look over us. My roommate, Jeff and I are currently looking out the window wistfully thinking “spring weather” can happen now. Instead of being gloomy, we decided to be productive and have an SPRING-CLEANOUT. Get ready for a lot of useful tips …

Take a deep breath… roll up your sleeves and before you start digging through the piles of clothes imagine the fashion police in your closet. They stop you and asked you the following:

Bag Display

  • Does the studded leather jacket REALLY fit?
  • Have you worn this  within the last year (be honest)?
  • Be true to yourself will that one-time flashy birthday outfit ever  be worn again?
  • Does the all-over printed sweater truly represent your style?
  • Are you going to legitimately fix the broken zipper on your leather purse, repair the missing button or keep the garment to help you collect the dust in your closet?
  • Will the dirt ever really come off that bright white collared blouse?
  • Is this item of clothing a positive mood booster ?

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Better Than A Starbucks Gift Card The Ultimate Prize For Coffee Lovers


Earrings from

Whether you love the refreshing flavor of  a chai latte, the sweet aroma of a mocha frappuccino, or the jolting kick off a  dark roast, all coffee lovers are welcome here. Guess what? here is another reason to be in love with the brew. You can actually wear what you been drinking for years! You’re probably thinking I’m pulling your chain, how on earth can you wear coffee? Don’t worry spillage doesn’t play a factor when consuming coffee turns into day wear. In recent years, factories across the world established a process of  twisting wasted coffee grounds into yarn. The yarn  transcends into a coffee fibers which helps protect your gear from UV rays. Better yet  it also has a quick dry effect the “sweating at the gym stench” shouldn’t be an issue (not saying you don’t have to take a shower afterwards  but you get the point) The hand feel of the fiber is soft, light and breathable  which is great for the warmer weather which is soon to come.


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From New York To Paris, Here Is A Quick Lesson On Reconstruction :A/W 2016


My charcoal jersey maxi dress was brushing the streets of Manhattan. I dusted off the grime when I finally arrived at the Gansevoort in The Meatpacking District. I scoured the long line and looked for my friend (Justine). There she was, and I thanked her right away for inviting me to the Christan Benner fashion show. I explained to her I was excited to see his collection up close and personal since my roommate, Jeffery has been raving about him.(he screamed when he found out I was attending his show.) 

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3 Designers Showcased in the Fashion Show you should’ve attended for NYFW 2016




Reaching into the closet swaying the hangers back and forth, just to find the “stand-out piece” I only wore once. All in the name of NYFW. Some people view fashion week as one of the most shallow weeks of the year. On the contrary, there are many shows dedicated to giving back to a community. For example, I attended  the Rising Stars of NYFW last year which was curated for the Georgie Badiel Foundation. A percentage of the earnings would go towards helping  Africa by providing clean water. This year I was thrilled to attend SFW (Style Fashion Week)  where proceeds went to The City Kids Foundation.

The City Kids Foundation strives on artistic and intellectual development. Being a creative individual myself I believe it is a great cause, having a center built for the purpose of

city kids


preserving the arts. The arts are evidently the first to be cut from the budget, the last to be restored, and often unavailable for low-income students. But why do we need art classes at all?

Cultivation of  the arts improves the overall performance of students, including the fundamental academic subjects (Math, Science, and Literature). For scholars who took four years of art classes scored 91 points higher on their SAT exams, than those who took half a year or less.

In spite the fact that art education has been considered a bonus, uncomplicated creative activities can be some of the most important building blocks of a child’s development. Learning to create and cherish visual aesthetics is essential  in the progression for every child. The arts will create a foundation for the next generation of children as they move on to a higher level of education.

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