Mermaid Lovers #StayCool With The Outstanding Evian Spray

This past weekend I took a long train ride to  Brooklyners favorite beach, Coney Island.  The hour and seventeen minutes are worth it when you’re visiting the Mermaid Parade for the first time. Looking at the beautiful painted faces and bodies covered with glitter gave me nostalgia. I hid underneath a  fellow show watcher’s  umbrella, hoping it won’t rain all day. Luckily for me, the sun rays shine shortly after, and I got to join the parade without any more rain drops. As much as I begged for Mr.sunshine to stretch out his rays, I felt my mermaid makeup melting.  I placed my hand in my purse and searched for the only product I trust to keep my face fresh. Shortly after, I saw a pink and white aerosol bottle and scream YES what will I do without Evian Spray.

I use two spritzes of the spray and felt an instant freshness upon my face.  I secretly wish I had multiple Evian sprays for every marcher on parade. Then I would have stood out among the crowd mimicking Oprah, “You get a spray, and you get a spray, you all get a spray. However, reality struck, and the only person I can brag about how great the spray is was to my friend who tagged along with me to the march.

My friend is a  Makeup and mermaid lover like myself. She asks me why I don’t just carry around a setting spray instead. She explains the setting spray is long-lasting and if I ever needed a touch-up, I can use the spray again. Then she tells me I’m   wasting money for buying a mineral water spray. That very moment I gasp. As my hand was firmly resting on my chest in disbelief. Shortly after I started to explain all the benefits Evian spray has.


  • Evian Spray is from The French Alps
  • Ideal for Any Skin Type
  • To stay faithful to the product purity of 7.2 ph the company test the water 300 times each day
  • Allows the skin to  better absorb its hydration
  • A makeup junkie answer for blending into a smooth, natural look.
  • It also comes in three convenient sizes so what is not love

She nodded after every point I made. I saw her eyes fill with fascination and then I  saw her grab her phone. I told her how rude she was for not listening. She responded, “Oh I am listening I’m jotting all this info down for my next trip to Sephora.”  laughed and said who knew two mermaids would be sharing makeup tricks!

If you want to see how I use Evian Spray in my Mermaid Inspired Tutorial Click below.

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*This post is sponsored by Brand Backer, however, all opinions are my own.


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